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When choosing the dual rate that you find most suitable, take into account some important data such as price per kWh applicable to the term of consumption, fixed taxes, electrical power and type of gas.<br>When you have a clear choice you should check if current contracts are permanent, so that you can start the rate change with total freedom


When comparing electricity and/or gas tariffs or services, you should always take into account your personal circumstances.How do you consume energy? What are you going to need from your electricity, your gas and your maintenance services? When are you going to need it?


Tariffs with a fixed price per kWh: you will always pay the same price for each kWh of energy you consume.It doesn't matter what time you use electricity and/or gas because the price of energy is the same during all hours of the year.What matters is how many kWh you consume.You have the convenience of not having to worry about the time you put washing machines, the oven, dishwasher etc. on since the cost will be the same at all times. You will also be free of price changes that other tariffs may have due to heat/cold waves, increases in international prices and other factors.

Time-of-use tariffs: the kWh you consume have a different price depending on the time you use them. Here the important thing is to concentrate your energy consumption during the cheapest hours, making an effort not to turn appliances on during the more expensive hours.They have the advantage of promoting energy efficiency, encouraging you to better understand what your consumption profile is in order to adapt it to the most convenient time slots. The best option is to choose times when electricity consumption is totally free, having a fixed price for the kWh during other times.

What is self-consumption?

This is the ability to produce your own electricity through solar panels and in the same place where you are going to consume it, in your home or business.

What types of self-consumption are there?

Self-consumption supply without surpluses

Your installation has a zero-injection device, which prevents non-self-consumed energy from being injected into the power grid.

This is often complemented by installing a battery storage system to maximise the use of the energy produced.

Self-consumption supply with surpluses

The energy you produce and have left over is fed into the transmission and distribution grid via the inverter so that other consumers can use it. This injected energy is called a surplus.

Customers receive compensation in the form of a discount on their bill, The amount of these savings depends on the kWh fed into the grid, and the compensation price applied.

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